Congratulations & welcome to our members who gained the following awards! 


left to right 
Jonothan Kilbane (Crew) - Garie SLSC, Dave Birchall (Crew) - Garie SLSC 

left to right 
Rachelle (Coco) McCarthy (Crew) - Maroubra SLSC, Ben Heenan (Crew) - Coogee SLSC, Tom Barker (Crew) - Clovelly SLSC 

left to right 
Brittaney Banks (Crew) - North Bondi SLSC, James O'Connor (Crew) - Tamarama SLSC 

left to right 
John Georgas (Crew) - Maroubra SLSC, Cameron Callaghan (Driver) - Coogee SLSC 

left to right 
Clive Stiff (Driver) - Coogee SLSC, Nicole Krite (Crew) - South Maroubra SLSC 

Jedd Goggin (Skipper) - Maroubra SLSC 

Rosie Taliano (Driver) - North Bondi SLSC 

Mat Harper (Driver) - Maroubra SLSC 

Darren Tannock (Driver) - South Maroubra SLSC, Jake McDonald (Driver) - Maroubra SLSC

Julien Vincent (Driver) - Coogee SLSC, John Georgas (Driver) - Maroubra SLSC 

Patrick Moore (Crew) - Coogee SLSC