Name: Coco McCarthy 

Age: 40

Surf Club: Maroubra SLSC 

Occupation: Administration Manager 

Surf Rescue 30 Position: Crew 

How long have you been with Surf Rescue 30? 1 season 

Professional Qualifications: Currently studying Myotherapy (Natural Science) 

SLSA Awards: Bronze Medallion, Senior First Aid, Advanced Resuscitation Certification (ARTC), Bronze Medallion Trainer, IRB Crew, IRB Driver, 
Silver Medallion Aquatic Rescue (SMAR), Silver Medallion Beach Management (SBMM) 

Major Achievement during surf career: To date - crewing Surf Rescue 30 with the girls on Anzac Day 

When/Why did you become involved in surf life saving? 4 seasons ago - daughters joined nippers. I wanted to help a safe & nurtured environment on the beach with likeminded people. I like giving back to the community as well 

What is your favourite thing about surf life saving? The people you meet and the friendships that last. Teamwork! 

What is your greatest highlight during your time in surf life saving? Working as CDO in Member Services and being able to watch the growth of clubs throughout Sydney Branch, connecting with the various clubs and helping them achieve club & branch goals for higher retention of members and quality service to members

Describe a typical weekend: Putting on the Red & Yellow for either beach or SR30 patrol in between training for Summer competition or winter (IRB racing) competition 

What is your favourite beach and why? Maroubra - if you can swim, paddle, surf here you can do it anywhere on any given day 

Anything else you would like to add? Belly pressed on earth, ocean breaks below. Blues and greens infinite in hue, waves of perfect happiness. - Mary Seaborne

Social Media Accounts: N/A