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Surf Rescue 30 saving lives in our waters.

Welcome to the home of the Randwick District Offshore Rescue Boat (radio callsign "Surf Rescue 30"), a volunteer surf life saving rescue maritime group crewed by a dedicated group of surf lifesavers, which has been in operation since the "summer of ‘69".  

Our vision is to be a world class volunteer lifesaving support services team dedicated to preventing loss of life along Randwick’s spectacular coastline – applying the teachings and philosophies of surf lifesaving to beyond the beaches: Our motto is "safer beaches, safer coastline, safer lives."

The objectives of our Service are:

  • To study and practice the methods of surf life saving as taught by Surf Life Saving Australia.
  • To provide and maintain an efficient life saving service and an efficient life saving apparatus and to assist the Clubs in their surf life saving activities.
  • To safeguard and prevent the loss of life and to render aid on the beaches, ocean, waterways and other places as may be required. For example, we regularly attend the following rescue taskings:
    • Assistance to swimmers in difficulty.
    • Assistance to Divers and Rock Fisherman.
    • Back-up to Beach Patrols.
    • Assistance to other Emergency Services Organisations.
    • Assistance to boat’s and their Crew in Distress
    • Aviation Emergencies.
    • Rock, cliff and platform access rescues.
  • To promote demonstrations and arrange classes of instruction and to further the interests of surf life saving, boating and surf bathing.
  • To appoint patrols to render all possible aid to those in distress.
  • To raise money through donations, sponsorships and by any other legal means to ensure that Surf Rescue 30 does not place undue financial burden on surf lifesaving, the Clubs and Randwick City Council in relation to its operations.
  • To organise and conduct social functions and any other activities for the benefit and the assistance of Surf Rescue 30 in the attainment of its objectives.
  • To carry out any other activity to enhance or further the interests of Surf Rescue 30.

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  • homepage_boat1.jpg
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